How to prevent gas explosion

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How to prevent gas explosion

the effective measures to prevent gas explosion mainly start from two aspects: preventing gas accumulation and eliminating fire source

1. Measures to prevent gas accumulation

(1) strengthen ventilation. Reduce the gas concentration below the concentration specified in the "coal mine safety regulations", that is, what are the tools needed for the detection of mining Jinan testing machine? The inlet air flow of the working face shall not exceed 0.5%, the return air flow shall not exceed 1%, and the total return air flow of the mine shall not exceed 0.75%

(2) strengthen the inspection. It is an important part of daily gas management to check the ventilation condition and gas concentration of each air use site in time, identify hidden dangers and deal with them, among which general plastics account for 350000 tons of gas. The methane inspection instruments used in China in the 1980s include optical methane detector, heat release methane detector, methane alarm and methane telemetry alarm. After the 1990s, the relatively advanced TX series intelligent portable gas monitors and telemetry instruments were used

(3) for coal seams with high gas content, gas drainage shall be carried out to reduce the gas emission of coal seams and goaf

2. Measures to prevent gas ignition

(1) open flames are prohibited within 20m around the shaft mouth room, gas drainage station and main ventilator room

(2) safety lights should be used in gas mines. It is forbidden to turn on the miner's lamp underground, and it is forbidden to carry tobacco and ignition tools underground

(3) strictly manage the underground fire area

(4) strictly implement the shooting system

(5) strictly manage the local ventilator of the heading face, and the local ventilator should be equipped with wind power locking device

(6) the electrical equipment of gas mines shall comply with the provisions on explosion-proof performance in the coal mine safety code

(7) with the improvement of mining mechanization, it is increasingly important to prevent mechanical friction sparks from igniting gas. Gas explosion accidents caused by friction sparks in coal mines account for a considerable proportion. Therefore, many countries have studied this problem and proposed that a layer of metal with low activity (such as chromium) should be dissolved on the metal surface of friction parts, so that the friction sparks formed cannot ignite gas; Paint various coatings on the surface of aluminum alloy to prevent the occurrence of friction sparks and the metal should be processed twice after the mold is tested and the finished product is stable. Some concessions must be made when the mold is slow, and a small amount of beryllium is added after the quick closing to reduce the ignitability of friction sparks

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