How to prevent stainless steel furniture from rust

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How to prevent stainless steel furniture from rusting

1. No @a stainless steel furniture should be placed in a wet place in the surrounding environment, and it is not allowed to wipe stainless steel furniture with a wet cloth. In use, but it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between technical classification and application classification, so these 20 relatively miscellaneous classifications can also be simply reduced to 4 categories of soapy water or detergent water. When cleaning the surface of stainless steel folding chairs or sofas, try not to wet the metal plated parts. Otherwise, the stainless steel layer and paint parts are easy to peel off and rust

2. When yellowish brown spots are found on the surface of stainless steel parts until they are normal, you can often wipe them with neutral engine oil to prevent the spots from continuing to expand and the stainless steel protective layer from degenerating and rusting

3. Stainless steel furniture that has been rusted should be derusted in time, but do not polish it with sandpaper. Small plated parts can be soaked overnight in a basin containing engine oil. Large plated parts can be coated with (2,2'- (1,4-Phenylene) bis [4h ⑶, 1-benzoxazine ⑷ - ketone] rust with a brush or cotton yarn dipped in engine oil. After a while, the rust can be removed by wiping back a few times

4. It can prevent rust by coating rust inhibitor on stainless steel parts at ordinary times

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