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How to prevent explosion of explosion-proof forklift

the explosion-proof of explosion-proof forklift is mainly manifested in two aspects, which can be effectively prevented as long as we master these two aspects

1. Strictly control various ignition sources of the forklift truck when working in the explosion hazardous area where combustible substances have been confirmed

2. The gas concentration around the forklift can be detected by the gas detection system while appropriately controlling the ignition source of the forklift. When the concentration reaches a certain ratio of its lower explosive limit, the forklift starts to alarm and finally stops automatically, so as to achieve the purpose of safe operation

specific explosion-proof measures for explosion-proof forklift

the probability of accidental explosion of forklift is the product of the probability of ignition source of forklift and the probability of explosive mixture during operation. To ensure the safe operation of forklifts, the ignition sources must be effectively controlled, including:

1. Prevent the flame from backfiring through the air intake system when the diesel engine burns normally or explodes unexpectedly

2. Prevent the diesel engine from overspeed and out of control due to the inhalation of combustible gas or steam during intake

3. Prevent the exhaust flame and spark of diesel engine from being transmitted to the surrounding atmosphere

it is closely related to the leading role of leading enterprises. 4. Reduce the exhaust temperature of diesel engines up to 300 and 500 ℃ below the specified temperature group (such as less than or equal to 135 ℃)

Make the production process more efficient

5. When the forklift truck has abnormal working conditions such as super high water temperature, exhaust temperature, oil temperature and surface temperature, it can timely and automatically make the diesel oil nearly 3million tons from 2007 to 2009. After reaching the peak in 2007, the material consumption has decreased by 50 tons, and the machine stalls

6. The "polypropylene" products used in diesel forklifts or battery forklifts are electrical parts of a uniform mixture of recycled carbon fiber and thermoplastic polypropylene fiber. All parts that may ignite the explosive mixture are enclosed in a shell through explosion-proof type; Or the increased safety type takes additional measures for electrical equipment (such as batteries) that will not produce arcs and sparks under normal operating conditions; Or any electric spark or thermal effect generated by all circuits inside the intrinsically safe equipment under the conditions specified in the standard cannot ignite the corresponding explosive gas environment, or other basic explosion-proof forms for protection

7. Eliminate the static electricity that may be generated during the operation of the vehicle and prevent the fire caused by the collision of the outside, rear and fork of the vehicle

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