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How to prevent the deadly "glass knife" hanging above your head

the hidden dangers of hollow glass curtain walls are like "glass knives" hanging over people's heads, threatening people's lives all the time. So how can we prevent this "glass knife" hanging over people's heads? To this end, I interviewed Liu angfeng, general manager of Shandong Zibo Green Energy Chemical Co., Ltd

Zibo lvneng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of insulating glass desiccant 3A molecular sieve, with a monthly production capacity of more than 400 tons and an annual output of 5000 tons. The company has always strictly implemented the ISO9001 quality management system standard. Its products have reached the en1279 standard and obtained the certification certificate from the European insulating glass authority IFT. The products sell well in more than 60 countries, such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and so on

according to President Liu, insulating glass is a component made of four kinds of raw materials, including glass substrate, sealing material, spacer and desiccant, and requires that the wear limit of the parts of the experimental machine should not exceed 50% of the dimensional tolerance value. And ensure a certain degree of finish. Therefore, the quality of the selected raw materials will directly affect the performance and quality of insulating glass products. The purpose of adding insulating glass desiccant is to absorb the water in the insulating glass cavity and keep the air in the glass cavity dry. It plays a core role in the service life and energy-saving effect of insulating glass

"green energy" 3A molecular sieve desiccant in the end what is special

for this, General manager Liu angfeng proudly said: "As a special desiccant for insulating glass, 3A molecular sieve produced by our company can continuously and deeply adsorb the water and residual organics in the insulating glass interlayer, effectively prevent the condensation and frosting of the glass, completely solve the problem of distortion and breakage of insulating glass caused by expansion or contraction, and ensure the minimum service life of insulating glass of more than 20 years. Its effective adsorption capacity is 20 times that of clay type insulating desiccant, and the average service life is 4A molecules It is 8 times that of sieve desiccant, which meets all the performance indicators specified by the state. 3A molecular sieve is the most ideal insulating glass desiccant. "

"however, in recent years, the production market of desiccant for insulating glass in China is relatively chaotic. Some manufacturers do not strictly follow the relevant standards in order to reduce production costs, and some manufacturers even use 4A molecular sieve as 3A molecular sieve. The proliferation of these fake and inferior desiccants seriously threatens the quality of insulating glass." President Liu said helplessly

according to the investigation, at present, the insulating glass produced by a large number of domestic insulating glass enterprises is "corrosive", which refers to the use of highly corrosive desiccants in the insulating glass spacer. According to market estimates, its total volume has reached more than 50% of the total market volume, about more than 500 million square meters. In some economically underdeveloped areas, this kind of insulating glass even occupies the entire local market

what is this corrosive desiccant? It is the clay desiccant containing calcium chloride. Although the clay desiccant has never publicly claimed to contain this component, in fact, the main role of this desiccant is calcium chloride, not clay. Pure clay desiccant itself has weak water absorption, but the adsorption rate can be improved after adding calcium chloride. When the temperature reaches 30 ℃, calcium chloride will form crystal water dissolved in itself, and the solution calcium chloride will show strong corrosivity. It first corrodes the aluminum strip of the insulating glass made of metal, and then corrodes the sealant, which destroys the adhesion of the insulating glass. In addition, the solution also has a certain corrosiveness to the coating of the low radiation glass coated with silver film. If the company produces in China, the consequences will be incalculable

we can't help but ask, where is the market supervision mechanism for the proliferation of fake and inferior desiccants

the specification of the insulating glass desiccant is clearly stipulated in the appendix of the insulating glass production procedure, which requires that the insulating glass desiccant must use 3A molecular sieve, and the insulating glass desiccant certified in the compulsory certification of national safety glass products (i.e. 3C certification) is also 3A molecular sieve. Since the industry standard has been issued, why can't we guarantee the quality of insulating glass

Mr. Liu made an account: "building insulating glass uses 3A molecular sieve as desiccant, and the cost per square meter is 7 cents, but if clay desiccant is used, the cost per square meter is only 3 or 4 cents. Many developers just see that it is profitable, so they attach importance to price and light quality when choosing partners, which eventually leads to unfair competition in the desiccant market."

"it is understood that the new standard of insulating glass in China has been basically determined. It is necessary to ensure the service life of insulating glass for more than 15 years, but from the experience of the United States, most of them have exceeded 30 years. In comparison, our domestic standard is a little low, and all kinds of products have been or are expected to be related to food or food additives (hereinafter referred to as food) Materials and products that come into contact with or whose ingredients may be transferred to food. It should be known that for insulating glass used in construction, the service life of less than 15 years will lose the value of energy conservation. Therefore, we eagerly hope that the relevant national industry departments can improve the relevant industry regulations, strengthen market supervision, thoroughly purify the insulating glass desiccant market, and fundamentally solve the quality problem of insulating glass! " Speaking of this, Liu always seemed excited

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