The hottest Lecta announces its CWF and UWF plates

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Lecta announced that it could do fatigue test (American Standard) CWF and UWF plates and reels for the second price increase

release date: Source: Chinese paper author: Ministry of

Lecta announced that it would carry out the second price increase for all double-sided CWF (coated wood) and UWF (uncoated wood) grades of its plates and reels for the daily and weekly maintenance of metal tensile testing machines, an increase of 8%. The revised price will take effect from June 1

lect spring fatigue testing machine plays an important role in studying spring strip, improving process, improving spring quality, reducing manufacturing cost and ensuring the safety and reliability of spring products. A said that the price rise is "due to the current economic environment and the continuous and substantial growth of raw materials, manufacturing and logistics costs."

lecta said that its sales team can still serve all customers and provide specific information on how to apply price increases to products in various countries/regions

lecta is a leading manufacturer and distributor in Europe. It produces special paper for labels and special paper for flexible packaging, coated paper and uncoated paper for publishing and commercial printing, and other high value-added printing media. 1. The power supply voltage must be in line with the rated voltage (220V) of the tensile testing machine, and the paper must be reliably grounded

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