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LED chip flip chip bonding technology

chip flip chip technology is a very popular concept at present, and its advantages are believed to be understood by everyone. But the biggest reason why it is not popular now is two points:

first, how new technology takes a period of exploration to take shape, and finally its life is determined by the market

second, flip chip LED subverts the traditional LED process, from chip to packaging, which will have higher requirements on equipment. Just take packaging as an example. The cost of front-end equipment that can make flip chip will certainly increase a lot, which sets a threshold for some enterprises to have no access to this technology at all

flip chip bonding technology is one of the core technologies of apt

technical advantages of flip chip:

flip chip bonding chip has better heat dissipation function compared with the front chip; At the same time, we have epitaxial design, chip technology and chip graphic design suitable for flip chip welding. Chip products have the advantages of low voltage, high brightness, high reliability and high saturation current density; In addition, the installation and commissioning of the equipment line and the after-sales service personnel can be assembled on the flip chip substrate in strict accordance with the national laws and regulations on safety production and the regulations on safety production such as the technical code for construction safety of Railway Engineering (tb10401.1 ⑵ 003) to form a protective circuit, which is obviously helpful to the reliability and performance of the chip; In addition, compared with formal and vertical structures, flip chip welding is easier to realize ultra-high power chip level modules and chip light source technology with multi-function integration, which has great advantages in the yield and performance of LED chip modules

about the concept of LED light source modularization

what is led light source modularization? The LED light source, heat dissipation components and driving power supply are assembled and formed to complete the highly integrated assembly of "light, electricity and heat". This makes products simple and cheap, which is a trend of semiconductor lighting development in the future. Years ago, Chaoyi lighting division has launched LED chips with integrated driving power supply. By connecting the LED light source module 13 In addition to the externalization of the power interface, the intermediate links from the chip to the system can be reduced. The whole process is called system encapsulation in foreign countries

material supply once the temperature is too high, competitive and active marketing makes this kind of situation more complicated. The development direction of LED chips

in order to avoid that the electrodes occupy the luminous area in the formal chip, which affects the luminous efficiency, the chip R & D personnel designed the flip structure, that is, the formal chip is inverted, so that the light excited by the luminous layer is directly emitted from the other side of the electrode (the substrate is eventually stripped, and the chip material is transparent). At the same time, For flip chip, a structure convenient for LED packaging factory welding line is designed. Therefore, the whole chip is called flip chip, which is widely used in high-power chips

flip chip does not need wire bonding, and can achieve a solid and thinnest package. It has the characteristics of low thermal resistance and high current. Using flip chip technology, multi chip integration with different sizes, colors, shapes and powers can be realized at the "chip level", so as to realize ultra-high power module products, which is an advantage that no other chip technology can achieve

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