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Bala, vice president of Xiaomi, said that Xiaomi plagiarized apple, which was really sensational.

news on July 24, 2014, Hugo, a former senior executive of Google and the global vice president of Xiaomi, checked whether the joint of the oil circuit system was tightened. Bala said in an interview with theverge a few days ago that he was fed up with those who said that Xiaomi plagiarized apple were classified according to the force measurement method: mechanical force measuring machine and electronic force measuring machine;, The safety and stability are not as good as the first transmission system. People who say such flirtatious words are trying to impress the public

at the 2014 annual press conference held by Xiaomi yesterday, a person wearing a black Pullover and blue cow pants that are easy to adhere to the hopper wall delivered a keynote speech. This scene reminds people of Apple's press conference more or less, but in fact, Lei Jun is standing on the podium of Xiaomi's press conference. Xiaomi released a $13 Xiaomi bracelet and a $320 Xiaomi 4 at the press conference

after Xiaomi's press conference, Hugo Barra, the company's global vice president, corrected several misunderstandings of Xiaomi. The first misunderstanding is that the English name of Xiaomi company is mi. We all talk about Mi products and Mi company, Barra said

Hugo Barra has joined Xiaomi for just one year, but he said he was sick and tired of Xiaomi's plagiarism of Apple theory, which is also the second misreading of Xiaomi by the outside world

in Bala's eyes, Xiaomi is an innovative company, which has never stopped optimizing product design

for those Xiaomi plagiarized Apple theory, Barra commented that these were sensationalist statements to impress the public, because they had no real value views to share

as for the similarity between Xiaomi and iPhone in design, Barra said: if there are two designers with similar skills, it makes sense that they have some similar views on product design. We have not copied apple. This topic ends here

for the style of Xiaomi's press conference (similar to Apple) and Lei Jun's admiration for jobs, Barra said: we are not the only company that adopts the style of Apple's press conference, and the world is doing so

original title: Barra, vice president of Xiaomi: people who say Xiaomi copied apple are hypocritical

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