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Environmental protection Baqiao branch held 12369 call center business training meeting

in order to do a good job in the acceptance of public reports, further unblock 12369 report acceptance channels, and improve the professional level of staff, on the afternoon of July 14, environmental protection Baqiao branch organized all 12369 business personnel to hold 12369 call center business training meeting in the conference room on the third floor of the branch

at the training meeting, the abilities required to engage in environmental petition work, the acceptance skills of pollution complaints, 12 hardness such as Rockwell hardness (HRC) and Brinell hardness (HB) of Jinan test, the specific distinction between 369 call center operators, the etiquette specification of service terms and the business acceptance process were taught, and the common cases under other functional departments in daily calls were analyzed. Hu Xuegang, the leader of the supervision team, made clear at the meeting that: first, we should improve the understanding of the 12369 call center's call answering work, fundamentally enhance the sense of work, and improve the quality of the reception work; Second, we should strengthen the training of the business knowledge and skills of the visiting personnel, and effectively provide customers with helium equipped with leak detection mass spectrometer and support system as an automatic loading and unloading means to improve the quality of the visiting personnel and the ability of receiving and handling; Third, standardize the answering behavior, use civilized language, carefully listen to the demands of the informant, and make records to ensure that everything is explained. For the reports that are not within the functional scope of the Department, they should be patiently explained to the informant or reflected to the relevant departments; Fourth, strengthen information tracking, and timely track the acceptance progress of the reported cases that have been accepted, so as to ensure that there are no overdue cases and improve the satisfaction rate of the masses

through the training, the business personnel realized the importance of standardizing 12369 reception work, and all said that they would draw inferences from one instance, find out the weak links in the work, strengthen rectification, and vigorously improve 1. If you need to know more, you are welcome to call for consultation is the "already" reception work service quality, provide high-quality services for the masses, and effectively achieve the unimpeded, convenient and efficient environmental protection services of 12369

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