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New leather tactile materials improve the driving feeling of cars

in recent years, the market has higher and higher requirements for the design and tactility of automotive interior parts, and the demand for materials that can meet the above requirements, the most widely used glass fiber, has also begun to increase gradually by changing the speed of electromechanical acceleration. In response to this demand trend, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan (hereinafter referred to as "Mitsubishi Chemical") has developed a new specification product, which has improved the formability and tactility, and the new specification product will be completely adopted in the interior skin materials, auxiliary handrails and other interior parts of the car

on August 10, 2017, Mitsubishi Chemical announced through its announcement that it had developed a new specification product in the styrene QE series products in which its thermoplastic elastomer made its molten body "tefabloc" under pressure (styrene thermoplastic elastomer was previously sold in the name of "rabaron", but has been uniformly integrated into the current "tefabloc" brand since April 2017)

tefabloc QE series has high softness and wear resistance, so it is widely used in small hand-held and packaging tools such as electric tools and automobile gear rods

on the basis of maintaining the softness and wear resistance of tefabloc QE series, the fluidity of this material has been increased by more than 2 times, and a new specification product has been developed. New specification products have high formability, and can play an excellent design even in complex and large-scale molded products. In addition, the new specification products also have a comfortable driving feeling and a touch like leather or synthetic leather

previous products are difficult to meet the needs of large-scale applications such as automotive interior skin materials or auxiliary handrails, while new specification products with the above excellent performance do not have this problem. They have been used in this field, and it is expected that their application fields will continue to expand in the future

Mitsubishi Chemical said that in the future, it will continue to meet the various needs of customers, strive to expand the product lineup of thermoplastic elastomers, and further accelerate the expansion of functional resin business

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