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LED display screen has established its position as the king in the field of dance beauty with excellent performance

in recent years, with the diversification of the concert market, the number of commercial performances has gradually increased, and the focus of concerts has shifted from the size of the past to the quality of live music, image quality and environmental effects. More and more attention is paid to the display effect requirements of Wumei, which is undoubtedly a great opportunity for LED display leasing manufacturers

the annual hand chopping Festival is over, dear friends, next, let's start the long "waiting for express" to welcome the double 12. For those who appreciate all the beautiful things, the double 11 shopping alone can't satisfy their restless heart. What's more, in addition to staying up late and waiting for the second kill, there is also a wonderful tmall double 11 Carnival Party. After all, at least we are also "sponsors"

the requirements of this year's "double 1" are becoming more and more strict. 1 the global carnival night is held in our most international city - the Mercedes Benz center in magic city Shanghai, with major flows of small flowers, popular fried chicken, small fresh meat, strength faction. Gather together to develop intelligent and other advanced packaging technology, and wave the flag for Ma Yun's father to create another brilliant future

if stars are the basis to attract attention, then the stunning and innovative stage presentation is the magic weapon to retain the audience. It is understood that the production team of this year's tmall's double 11 evening party did not invite the world's first-class choreography Designer - FERRIAN Vader. With such a great God, it is no wonder that this year's party is full of "high-quality" atmosphere

under the creation of "Emmy Award" choreography and lighting winner FERRIAN Vader, the whole main stage of "cat night" is a circle of shiny "Diamonds" surrounded by a huge "tmall" background LED screen, which is full of fantasy; The ground of the whole stage is led screen. Through projection and large-area stage LED video wall, a 3D video space is formed, which produces a very powerful visual effect. In addition, there are countless "light rain" falling from the ceiling, which can be said to be very cool

in addition to the stage created by the cool LED display, it is said that various original effects never seen in the performance are emerging in endlessly, including not only the virtual digital technology show, but also the iceberg projection to create the ice and snow fairy tale world. In the "snowman" program sung by Liu Tao, in order to enrich the picture performance and truly create an atmosphere of the ice and snow world, high-definition projectors are used to project on the snow mountain shaped props in the center of the screen, together with the main screen behind and the LED large screen at the foot of the pin and plate samples, so as to integrate the beautiful picture and performance. Through the combination of picture and live performance, It really presents the scene of "snow is quiet and colorful in the sky"

in this global carnival, LED display technology showed its king status in the field of dance beauty with its excellent performance, and also made double 11, a window for China to see the world and a platform for the world to see China, more brilliant. If the "double 11" has created a new business era with technology, data and intelligence, then the LED display makes the new business civilization more colorful with innovation and visual technology

with the gradual recovery of China's cultural and entertainment industry, the vitality of the LED display leasing market is also gradually restored. This year, the rental market in the industry is in a good situation, and various innovative products are emerging in endlessly. At the same time, in stage applications, the integration of LED display technology with other technologies such as projection, 3D, vrar is also accelerating. I believe that with the further stability of technology, LED display technology will have a more wonderful performance in the field of dance beauty

source: LED display channel

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