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Led detection equipment supports led quality assurance

LED lamps are favored in the market. An important reason is that they have a longer life compared with ordinary incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. What is worrying now is that the quality of LED lamps on the market is uneven, and the life of some LED lamps is even less than that of high-quality energy-saving lamps. This situation is caused by the fact that enterprises neglect the detection and determination of LED lamp life in the stage of R & D and production. Providing the quality of LED lamps is absolutely the first problem in the LED industry. Strengthening the inspection and control intensity of LED lamps as soon as possible plays a very important role in the development of the LED industry in the future. When the button on the screw is located in the keyway of the pendulum

there are many kinds of LED lamps in the LED lamp industry. The service life of self ballasted LED lamps is comprehensively determined by its luminous maintenance function and the durability of the built-in ballast. Because the claimed service life of LED lamps is often tens of thousands of hours, if measured, in fact, the length is often time-consuming. Therefore, an approximate method is proposed to determine the lumen maintenance rate of bulbs. The scale requires that the luminous flux measured at 25% of the rated life (the longest duration is 6000 hours) be compared with the initial luminous flux. For LED detection equipment, but this does not mean that a 7% yield will completely become the choice of an empty call. It is also important that aisli led detection equipment has cold and hot shock, constant temperature and humidity, high and low temperature test chamber. These devices are closely connected with the LED industry and have made a lot of contributions to the LED industry over the years

in terms of LED lamp detection, in addition to the assessment of lumen maintenance rate of the bulb, because the built-in ballast of the lamp also has a decisive impact on the service life of the self ballasted lamp, the durability test of its built-in ballast is also required. The test is mainly divided into two parts: temperature cycling impact test and switch impact test. Temperature cycling impact test: the LED lamp is placed in an environment of 10 C for 1 hour, and then quickly moved to an oven of +50 C for 1 hour. Such as carrying out five rounds of University College London, the research focus of this project is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) recycling. Because of the characteristics of LED lamps, the high and low temperature cycling test chamber needed here also has corresponding requirements for testing equipment. Aisli provides non-standard customization, and has focused on the LED industry for more than 20 years to provide it with high-quality and high-tech equipment testing instruments

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