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Leather seats have fallen behind, and fabric will become a synonym for high-end cars

as a car configuration that has the most contact with users, seats are usually used to distinguish the high and low positioning of models. In the past, I also regretted that I missed all leather seats because of insufficient budget. It is undeniable that the excellent wrapping, wear resistance and texture brought by leather seats are irreplaceable by fabric seats

however, with the development of automotive interior design, leather seats are no longer exclusive to high-end. It can even be seen from some luxury cars that fabrics will counter attack and become the high-end synonym of the next stage

"sofa on wheels"

"car is four wheels and two sofas". The sentence seems to be a vulgar understanding of cars, but if you go back a hundred years ago, the appearance of cars at that time is exactly the same. If the 1885 Mercedes Benz No. 1 solves the problem of driving from standing to sitting, then Ford t uses appropriate additives to modify the polymer wood flour surface car to solve the problem of riding comfort

it can be seen from the old photos of Ford Model T that Americans at that time provided omni-directional soft material packages for car seats, including backrests and cushions. Although this only replaced the past wooden benches with leather sofas, at least from the details of fabrics and stitches, we can feel the comfort of soft sofa seats for long-distance riding

when Chevrolet launched classicsix in 1911, Americans' pursuit of comfort reached a new level. Although the t-car has been fully covered with soft materials, the seat is more like a thin cushion on the wooden stool. The dye should be driven by scientific and technological innovation. Chevrolet classic six is more thorough. It refers to the routine of household sofa. The thickness of the cushion is higher, and the support of the back takes more account of the radian. Starting from this classic model, American cars have started the seat design of front and rear row connected sofas

at this time, the design of sofa seats is no longer limited to leather fabrics, but also diversified. Similar to household sofas, the fabrics of car seats also have flocking, fabric and other materials, which fully reflects the American pursuit of relaxation and comfort in the cabin. However, the car seats at this stage are only from the perspective of comfort, without too much consideration of support and related ergonomic needs. Moreover, one disadvantage of the connected seat is that the car is prone to roll when cornering, which affects both the driver's control and the passengers' comfort. More importantly, this kind of connected seat is not conducive to the setting of safety belt

is genuine leather luxury

in the 1960s, this front connected car seat began to change gradually. For example, in 1961, the front row of Cadillac electra225 was two separate seats, and the front passenger seat could rotate 180 degrees. Since then, the car seats have gradually shifted to the design of single seats in the front row, but they still retain the connected type in many models

in addition to the change of seat layout, seat fabric has also become a separate and important design part. Considering that the car seat is the most frequently used in a car, which is closely related to the handling, comfort, safety and other aspects, it extends the durability and wear resistance of the seat fabric, and even the anti friction coefficient between the passenger and the seat under intense driving

mainstream manufacturers are used to distinguishing the high and low configuration of a car by fabric seats and leather seats, which seems to be particularly popular in China. According to a survey in the past, 80% of the car seats in the European market are made of fabrics such as fabric, and leather accounts for a relatively small proportion. The main reason is that consumers believe that fabric fabrics include suede, cloth, etc. they can also be spliced and matched through a variety of fabrics and colors, and their plasticity and selectivity are stronger than leather

only in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the automotive field, once rare materials such as nappa leather have gradually appeared in mainstream automotive brands. Probably out of the demand of differentiation, Alcantara, a leather like material, has become popular in recent years, in addition to fabric and leather. Alcantara is a synthetic material, which is blended with 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. In the past, this material was first used in racing cars because of its good anti-skid performance and texture similar to suede. With the maturity of technology and the decline of cost, Alcantara also appeared more and more in mainstream cars, such as Buick Regal, which was recently launched. Except for the minimum, Alcantara fabric was used, To match its motion positioning

the high-end of fabrics

when leather seats are no longer exclusive to luxury, automobile manufacturers began to use their brains to seek more unique seat fabrics. Out of the respect for the concept of environmental protection, luxury cars have no longer blindly emphasized the luxury of leather seats in recent years, and the fabric once considered by most consumers as the positioning of low-end cars has been reused again, but "this fabric is not another fabric"

especially pu/inorganic composites

for example, the new luxury SUV starpulse launched by Land Rover takes fabric as the most high-end configuration in the model series. Of course, the high-end fabric used on the star vein is more complex in material selection and technology. The outer side of the seat is made of blended materials made of British local wool, and the inner side is made of soft touch materials and suede cloth made of recycled plastic bottles. In this way, it can not only show its uniqueness, but also promote the concept of environmental protection and nature, which may become another way of playing luxury cars in the future

and some more high-end luxury brands have also begun to extend the choice of seat fabrics to the field of fashion. Maserati once cooperated with Italian menswear brand Zegna to launch a limited edition. The interior fabrics of seats and door panels are covered with a layer of smooth and bright fabrics similar to velvet and leather. It can be seen that similar cross-border cooperation between cars and clothing is becoming more and more common. With unique material selection and complex technology, fabrics can also create a more high-end texture than leather

the development trend of automotive interior in the future is bound to be diversified. Whether it is color or material, leather is no longer the only one that represents the high-end friction coefficient when friction occurs in physics. Combined with the current leading idea of youth in the entire automotive industry, leather seats may really be removed from the high-end halo

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