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The creative era of LED displays has opened three major heavyweight markets that can't be missed.

American advertising master Leo Bernard once said, "I firmly believe that excellent creative works will always be the axis of a successful agent's progress -- it was, is and will be."

facing the current highly competitive LED display industry, creativity not only caters to the needs of the times and users, but also creates more possibilities for screen enterprises. For a long time, the market has been dominated by conventional LED products, and the shape is also "square". Under the long-term aesthetic fatigue, people need a kind of visual enjoyment and impact, and the creative L1 is expressed as positive and negative. The ED display meets the needs of the market for continuous innovation, differentiation and individuality, and has become a new blue ocean in the field of LED display market segmentation

with the progress of technology and the upgrading of products, the current creative LED display and various solutions focus on strengthening trade with ASEAN and other countries, which can fully meet the market demand, especially some high-end display projects, which can better reflect the level of screen enterprises

at the same time, new technologies and products are emerging in an endless stream in the industry. In addition to the distinctive shape changes, such as the continuous emergence of LED creative special-shaped displays such as spherical screens, arc screens, diamond screens, cylindrical screens, etc., LED displays are combined with the application of innovative technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, multi screen interaction, expression recognition, human screen interaction, etc., so that hardware, software, and scenes cooperate with each other, breaking through the tradition Simple display functions and intelligent control have further stimulated the demand for creative LED display screens in the terminal market. At present, creative LED screens are hot products in many market segments:

rental market

in recent years, various gorgeous visual effects created through LED creative display screens have become a necessary "weapon" for all star concerts, commercial performances, galas and other places. Not only that, with the combination of new technologies such as 3D, vr/ar and creative LED display screens, creating an immersive viewing experience, it has become the "trump card" of many star concerts, such as Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung, and so on. The effects of these new products and ideas not only greatly enhance the charm of the concert, but also enhance the depth and breadth of the LED display leasing market

commercial display market

at present, led creative display is on a prairie fire, going deep into various fields of commercial display, covering many industries such as commercial real estate, fashion, retail, automobile, transportation, sports events, art performances and so on. As insiders said, "in the future commercial display market, conventional display screens will gradually be replaced by creative and customized LED display application products..." In recent years, the application cases of various creative LED screens in the industry have improved a lot both in quality and quantity. For example, the LED facial makeup special-shaped display screen, which was born in Jiangzao Town, Zhuji not long ago, is 3 meters high and 1.9 meters wide. It is understood that this display screen is composed of 23 faces, and 75 modules are seamlessly spliced to form a LED display face. It is also the first LED facial makeup special-shaped display screen in China, which is widely welcomed by some high-end creative markets

outdoor advertising market

with the rapid development of the Internet era, the current outdoor advertising market is also entering a "downhill road". Not only that, it also needs to face multiple blows, such as public aesthetic fatigue and being vigorously demolished by the government due to the destruction of the overall image. How to break the situation? It is undoubtedly the best choice to grasp the creative LED display screen, which can not only regain the attention of the public, but also well eliminate the "damage" caused by the traditional LED outdoor large screen to the use of thermal insulation plastic building materials in the buildings of the United States, Japan and other countries, which has been 10 points mature in the building itself, and become another urban landscape

of course, there are many market segments where creative LED displays are very popular. I believe that with the further progress of technology, more and better creative LED display products and application cases will appear in the future. Therefore, LED screen enterprises need to constantly improve their creative LED display market technology, not only need to have the core technology of LED displays, the strength of relevant solutions and service capabilities, but also need to have rich artistic modeling The strength of structural mechanics technology and engineering experience can better meet the market demand and promote market growth

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