The hottest LED chip demand will increase in 2017,

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In 2017, the demand for LED chips will increase significantly, and the production capacity will increase significantly.

after the haze of overcapacity in recent years, the LED industry benefited from the substantial growth in demand for small spacing display screens and LED lighting in 2017. Under the same conditions that meet the requirements of construction standards, downstream chips are in short supply, He Guoliang of the Ministry of Commerce has made the copper alloy with high thermal conductivity the key sub specification of Guoliang's copper research and development. Only in this way can it be regarded as a high-quality equipment grid, and the supply gap is as high as 30-50%

with the tightening of LED chips, at present, 2-3 LED chip enterprises will once again launch an arms expansion race. It is expected that led factories will expand their production to hundreds of MOCVD machines in 2017, casting a variable for the overall market supply and demand in the future

the market pointed out that Huacan optoelectronics, which has recently announced that it will invest a large amount of RMB 6billion, is expected to officially put into production in May 2017 at its new plant in Yiwu, which will reach an annual output of 3million LED chips. With the aggressive expansion of Huacan, it is said that the surface of the processed products is bright and clean, and San'an is not willing to be outdone. In order to maintain its leading position, it will also purchase a large number of machines in 2017. In addition to Blu ray led, the expansion project also aims to expand the production capacity of quaternion led with high profit. Aoyang Shunchang has accelerated the pace of LED chip production expansion since the second half of 2016. It is expected that the production capacity will be gradually released from the first quarter of 2017, and the production capacity in 2017 is expected to reach the scale of monthly production of 800000 chips. In addition, Xerox, which started with quaternion led, reportedly will also invest more in quaternion led machine capacity in 2017. Equipment enterprises also revealed that at present, the expansion of domestic chip factories has introduced 4-inch new machines, and 4-inch Lei chips are equivalent to 4 times of 2-inch. If the monthly production capacity of each chip is about 4-inch 3800-4000 pieces, it is expected that the production capacity of LED chips will enter a new round of explosion in 2017

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