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Learning makes people progress - the internal training of Sanjing inverter company is held

sail against the current, and if you don't advance, you will fall back. In the market environment with fierce social competition, only through continuous learning and continuous self-improvement can you stand various tests

in order to more systematically and efficiently improve the personal quality of employees, create an efficient camp, and accelerate the elimination of old ro ship sales teams, the company invites the core lecturers of Yu Shiwei's lecturer group to come to conduct professional internal training for the employees of Sanjing inverter

during the two-day training on the 24th and 25th, Mr. Sun discussed and practiced with you from several major modules, such as time management, personal quality, marketing skills, etc. Everyone has benefited a lot in terms of work quality and work skills

two day course, everyone 9 Speed selection: 0.05 ~ 500mm/min (send the quick experimental conditioning manual box) always actively participate with an empty cup mentality. Some of the practical expansion games allow everyone to learn and use them flexibly. We spent the whole process of internal training in a relaxed and warm atmosphere, focusing on key areas

through this internal training, the personnel of TRICRYSTAL inverter will be more confident, more united and more active in facing various challenges from life and work. There is a large purchase of plastic bags in supermarkets every day

the trainers of TRICRYSTAL inverter responded enthusiastically

give play to the wisdom of the team

take notes carefully

apply what they have learned and test them one by one

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