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Baotou rare earth high tech Zone promotes the rare earth industry to make a magnificent turn

"play the rare earth characteristic brand and do a good job in the 'rare earth +' article", which is the direction that Baotou rare earth high tech Zone in Inner Mongolia, as the only national high tech Zone named after rare earth resources in China, has been working hard. Especially in recent years, many breakthroughs have been made in the four aspects of "magnetic material chain extension, alloy breakthrough, lanthanum cerium transformation, and scientific and technological innovation", and efforts have been made to promote the high-quality development of the rare earth industry

breaking through the downstream new material industry has gradually become a general trend.

the value of rare earth new materials is much higher than that of rare earth raw materials, which has become a consensus in the industry. Baotou rare earth high tech Zone in Inner Mongolia strives to be the first, with fruitful results in the three new materials of rare earth permanent magnet, hydrogen storage and polishing, and the output ranks in the forefront of the country. Rare earth new material enterprises and rare earth terminal application enterprises account for 63.2% and 29.5% respectively. In particular, the output of magnetic materials has maintained a 30% growth rate for five consecutive years, with a three fold increase in the maintenance of the testing machine, and the production capacity of magnetic materials has reached 45000 tons

As the pacesetter and weathervane of the development of China's rare earth industry, Baotou rare earth high tech Zone is duty bound to build a good platform for the rapid development of the rare earth industry and accelerate the magnificent transformation of the industry from resource advantages to economic advantages. At present, Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has formed a complete industrial development supporting system for rare earth information exchange, inspection and testing, product trading, etc., and has successively built a national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base, a rare earth new material deep processing base, an industrial park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an industrial park of Shanghai Jiaotong University. It has established three academician workstations related to rare earth, 19 rare earth high-tech enterprises, and 30 rare earth R & D centers at all levels

in a good business environment, the rare earth exchange of Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has developed 167 spot suppliers and traders, with a transaction volume of 103.16 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 172% year-on-year. The national rare earth inspection and testing center actively builds a large scientific research and testing equipment sharing center. Rare earth enterprises and scientific research institutions participated in the drafting of 160 national and industrial standards, accounting for more than 60% of the total national and industrial standards, and made positive contributions to standardizing the order of China's rare earth industry, ensuring product quality, and promoting technological progress

scientific and technological innovation, the voice of rare earth products continues to improve

in February this year, xibaobo appeared in many places in southern China for chiying A30 magnetic resonance diagnosis and treatment vehicle to provide free diagnosis and treatment for local people. Its on-board integrated magnetic resonance and Bian que flying rescue remote first aid system adopts a number of world-class advanced technologies, which can realize 24-hour observation, monitoring and telemedicine guidance for rescue patients, It breaks the situation that China relies on imports for high-end MRI technology. "With this car, patients in remote mountainous areas will not have to travel mountains and rivers to see a doctor." Yin Jianwei, general manager of the enterprise, said confidently

in the production workshop of Inner Mongolia Xinyu Rare Earth Functional Materials Co., Ltd., mechanized production lines are particularly eye-catching. In 2017, the national nanoscience center and the enterprise jointly built the "Joint Laboratory of nano rare earth functional materials". After more than a year of exploration and innovation, the spheroidization, monodispersion and series size of uniform size cerium based polishing particles were realized for the first time, and the key elements could be found through the flow chart to control mass production, forming a system technology of high-performance polishing fluid, cleaning fluid and their recycling, The products have reached the international leading level in many aspects, solving the situation that China's military gyroscope resonant plates and large aircraft die steel polishing operations rely on imported polishing fluid for a long time, and greatly promoting the Baotou rare earth industry to move towards high value

scientific research achievements go out of the laboratory and become productive forces, which are constantly performed in Baotou, Inner Mongolia

pay attention to planning the development of rare earth industry and make great strides.

excellent projects, focus on innovation, promote transformation and seek development. In recent years, Baotou rare earth high tech Zone has focused on expanding, strengthening and growing the rare earth industry, aiming at "quantity, quality and chain", constantly polishing the gold lettered signboard of "rare earth industry", making every effort to build industrial clusters such as magnetic materials, comprehensive application of lanthanum and cerium and rare earth alloys, so as to realize that the rare earth industry is gradually moving towards the middle and high end

actively promote the "magnetic material chain extension", focusing on 30 projects such as Tianhe magnetic material phase III, Jinshan magnetic material phase II, and industrial Apple 3C series product magnetic material production base. Accelerate the construction of rare earth high-efficiency permanent magnet motor industrial park, promote the implementation of BAIC new energy national innovation center, the expansion of Jiangxin micro motor for milk and yogurt products, Shandong Tiangong new energy electric vehicle and other projects, Accelerating the formation of wood plastic material manufacturing technology produced by permanent magnet motors has been listed in the outline of China's technology policy for comprehensive utilization of resources and the development plan of strategic emerging industries. The brand agglomeration effect of the industry and the extension of the rare earth industry to the new energy vehicle industry have driven the rapid rise of the rare earth permanent magnet terminal application industry

make every effort to achieve "alloy breakthrough", with the help of the major breakthrough in the commercial ultra pure rare earth metal preparation technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, promote the revolutionary reform of the application of rare earth in the metallurgical industry. Focusing on the implementation of the "rare earth +" strategy, actively promote the application of rare earth in steel, aluminum, copper and other fields, accelerate the industrialization of rare earth alloy pilot projects such as the rare earth special steel innovation center of China Science and Technology Corporation and the rare earth titanium alloy of Shanghai Jiaotong University, realize the magnificent transformation of Baotou metal preparation industry from primary product output to high-end products, and create a domestic high-end rare earth alloy gathering place

accelerate the "lanthanum cerium transformation", focus on the development of rare earth hydrogen storage, catalysis, colorants and application product industry chain, and promote the balanced utilization of high abundance rare earth lanthanum cerium resources. Cultivate Haoming new power and other enterprises to become bigger and stronger, support Seagate environmental protection and other catalytic additives projects to accelerate the development, and promote the production and efficiency of Zhongke century colorant and other projects

strive to strengthen "scientific and technological innovation", rely on research and development platforms such as rare earth research institutes, form a world-leading rare earth research and development force, encourage enterprises to cooperate deeply with scientific research institutes, support enterprises to implement scientific and technological projects, carry out docking between institutes and enterprises more than 10 times a month, and implement more than 30 industry university research cooperation projects throughout the year

as Gan Yong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said, "rare earth high tech zones are playing an important role in promoting the development of China's rare earth technology and industry, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the rare earth industry, extending the rare earth industry chain, and optimizing the rare earth industrial structure."

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