Based on Changde, the hottest topic is road constr

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Based on Changde -- 2011 Sany road machine road construction and maintenance Summit Forum

based on Changde -- 2011 Sany road machine road construction and maintenance Summit Forum

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Guide: the world's largest asphalt mixing equipment production base has experienced a tour of eight major stations since its debut in Bauma China 2010, Its style has long been known to all. After enjoying the local conditions and customs of Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Chongqing and other places

the world's largest production base of asphalt mixing equipment

since its debut in Bauma China 2010, the "leapfrog" series of Sany road machine has experienced a parade of eight stations across the country, and its style has long been known to all. After experiencing the local conditions and customs in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Chongqing and other places, many "leapfrog" members have also hit it off with customers at various stations and set up homes all over the country. However, due to its huge size, as an important member of the "Leaper" series, the team travel task of the asphalt mixing plant has to be performed by a well-designed model, but its "real body" is a dragon without a tail. On the afternoon of May 27, 2011, more than 300 Sany customers from all over the country were finally able to hear and witness the newly completed Sany road asphalt mixing plant Changde Industrial Park Phase I project, and were invited to enter the processing workshop to observe the processing process of important components such as drying rollers

from long process to short process

with the expansion of Sany group's industrial chain, asphalt mixing plant has been listed as one of the company's key development products, and has become an important part of the grand plan to help Sany road machinery achieve an annual sales of 12billion yuan within five years. By 2012, Sany road machine will achieve the goal of selling 180 sets of asphalt mixing plants with sales of more than 1billion yuan. The market share of the products will also reach 25%, ranking among the top two in the domestic market

Sany road asphalt mixing plant Changde Industrial Park is located in Deshan economic development zone, Changde City, Hunan Province, covering an area of more than 2000 mu, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. Through relocation and expansion, a new asphalt mixing plant and supporting parts production base will be established, and it will become the largest R & D and production base of asphalt mixing equipment in the world. The first phase of the project, which has been completed, will undertake the task of annual production of 120 asphalt mixing plants of various models

If Changde Industrial Park is an important embodiment of Sany road machinery's product strategy for the future market, the "2011 Sany road machinery road construction and maintenance Summit Forum" held in the morning of that day will more highlight Sany road machinery's exploration of the development and trend of future road construction and maintenance, as well as its positive thinking and active responsibility for low-carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection

in order to implement the national work deployment to deal with climate change and speed up the construction of a transportation system characterized by low-carbon emissions, the Ministry of transport issued two documents, the guiding opinions on the construction of a low-carbon transportation system and the pilot work plan for the construction of a low-carbon transportation system, on February 21, 2011. The document points out that one of the key tasks of the new system is to vigorously promote low-carbon paving technologies such as warm mix asphalt and asphalt recycling technology. To this end, Sany road machinery specially discussed the development direction of road construction and maintenance technology with about 14300 employees in Bayer materials technology, which has 30 production bases around the world, as the theme of the "Sany road machinery road construction and maintenance high in order to replace some mechanical performance experiment peak forum with hardness experiment" held at the International Conference Center of Gonghe hotel in Changde City, Hunan Province on the morning of May 27, 2011

Wu Likun, general manager of Sany road machinery, said in his speech that he hoped that the meeting would enable participants to gain a breakthrough understanding in road construction technology and other aspects. Invited guests: Zhang Hao, vice president of the Academy of Transportation Sciences of the Ministry of transport, Ji Guangcai, Secretary General of the road branch of China Road Construction Machinery Association, Wu Shanzhou, Professor of Hunan Highway University, Deng Zhifu, chief engineer of Chongqing Huanyu asphalt concrete company, Shi Fangzhi, a postdoctoral fellow of Tongji University, and Zhou Guoping, chairman of Wuxi shunmeng technology, on the market prospect of asphalt pavement recycling The development trend of regeneration technology and the application of clean fuel in asphalt mixing plant were delivered. The topics selected by several experts include key words such as market scale, technology, specifications, equipment and materials, and comprehensively introduce the application of asphalt mixing plant and asphalt recycling technology

professor wushanzhou of Hunan Highway University pointed out that several newly built expressways in Hunan Province in recent years have withstood the test of ice and snow disasters in 2008, and the pavement quality is still good, which is not only related to the progress of construction technology, but also benefited from the continuous improvement of pavement construction equipment. Advanced technology and reliable equipment complement each other to pave the way. Sany road machinery believes in "better road, better life", and also adheres to the environmental protection needs of society. It should use more energy-saving technology to "lead green technology". Liuqiubao, President of Sany Road Machinery Research Institute, said when introducing the new products of Sany road machinery, "leapfrog" series integrates technologies such as collaborative control, feedback control, energy-saving control, overshoot control and digital prototype, which reduces noise and is more suitable for high-temperature environment. At the same time, it is also equipped with intelligent diagnosis, remote monitoring and other functions. One of the achievements of the Institute - "energy saving technology of construction machinery power" also won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of Hunan Province

at 3 p.m., several experts sat down in each hall and talked about "Tao". The main topics discussed in the five small conference halls are "opportunities and challenges faced by road machinery equipment during the 12th Five Year Plan period", "development prospect of maintenance equipment", "development trend of asphalt mixing plant and thermal regeneration equipment", "new pavement construction technology" and "intelligent control". Hundreds of Sany customers attending the meeting can get what they need. 2 In terms of processing technology, choose topics of interest to have face-to-face exchanges with experts. This unique way of communication led to a brief silence at first due to the restraint of everyone, but as the first question was thrown out, the atmosphere in each room was gradually ignited, and then intensified

choice from pump truck to mixing plant

Mr. Huang, from a municipal company in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, is the customer representative of South China who was invited to attend the summit forum. In a word, Sany road machine has a long history with Qingyuan City. In 2005, Sany successfully sold the first asphalt mixing equipment, and its buyer was Qingyuan, Guangdong. However, president Huang did not become associated with Sany road machinery for this reason. He told that Qingyuan's economic development rate has ranked first in Guangdong Province for seven consecutive years. It goes without saying that the speed of its urban construction and the demand for concrete pump trucks are also increasing day by day. A friend of his owns several Sany concrete pump trucks. Hearing that he was going to buy an asphalt mixing plant, his friend patted him on the chest and recommended Sany. Although Sany has not been involved in asphalt mixing equipment for a long time, after years of experience and recommendation from friends, president Huang has unconsciously established his trust in Sany products. Finally, he chose a Sany 2000 asphalt mixing plant

due to the tight construction period, after the mixing plant was built, it began long-term overload operation, and the hourly output exceeded the theoretical value of production capacity by 160 tons. Nevertheless, the equipment purchased in March and April last year still works well. Because of this, when he planned to enter the field of highway construction and wanted to buy a 4000 asphalt mixing plant, he did not hesitate to lock in Sany. "Because it is trustworthy." Mr. Huang said to me

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