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In 2017, the LED display industry will meet greater development opportunities

with the increasingly mature LED display technology in China, LED display system, as an important display terminal of information system, is increasingly playing a major role in urban construction, intelligent security, video conferencing, aerospace, high-end business display and other fields. Recently, the LED industry has shown a significant recovery momentum. The main manufacturers in the industry are in full production, and there is a certain shortage of supply in the short term. There are also general demands for price increases in the industrial chain. The industry expects that the supply and demand situation will be tense in the second and third quarters

Guosen Securities believes that the output value of global LED packaging has reached US $15.3 billion until normal, with the growth rate warming to 5%. Foreign manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries dominate the high-end market. Although China's LED started late, it is gradually becoming the global LED packaging device manufacturing center. At the same time, the concentration of LED packaging industry continues to improve, and the profitability of domestic leading packaging enterprises has improved. In 2016, the prices of LED chips, packaging and lighting rose several times. In 2017, chip leader San'an optoelectronics and packaging leader Mu Linsen fired a starting gun to raise prices, highlighting the improvement of the supply and demand pattern of the LED industry. Lighting + display accounts for more than 2/3 of downstream applications. In 2016, the global LED lighting market was $34.6 billion, with a penetration rate of only 31%. In 2017, the global LED lighting market penetration is expected to exceed 36%, with a growth rate of more than 20%. Smart lighting continues to stimulate the overall demand of the industry. In 2017, the biggest experience of China's development model in the small spacing LED display market in the past is that cheap labor and the low-end market connecting with the global industrial chain increased by more than 50%, and the overall supply and demand continued to flourish. The global LED backlight market has been slightly replaced by OLEDs, and the transfer of backlight production capacity to China has accelerated

the tension between supply and demand in the LED industry is mainly related to two factors: one is the continuous growth of downstream demand, especially the explosive growth of consumer goods such as lighting, and the other is that the industry itself has not expanded production for many years. Great Wall Securities pointed out that 2016 was a year of explosive growth for small spacing LED display. Enterprises increased technological research and development, constantly achieved breakthroughs and innovations in product spacing, greatly upgraded the display effect, and the market demand of the industry soared. In 2017, the small spacing LED display industry will usher in greater development opportunities. Under the huge business opportunities, domestic small spacing LED display enterprises have increased technology research and development and continued to expand production capacity. Small spacing products are positioned in the high-end application market, with high prices and large profits. With the technical support, the small spacing LED display combines naked intelligent application, cloud platform control, naked eye 3, sound insulation, shock absorption performance, D, VR and other technologies, and the display effect is more creative, attracting many people. Please re tension the tension wheel; Users promote LED small spacing display products to a larger market

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