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Postal parcels do not belong to the express business, and there is no saying of "offside"

China Post Group Corporation said in an interview with this newspaper today that the postal parcels business does not belong to the express business, but the improvement of the basic service quality of postal services, and there is no saying of "offside" in postal business parcels

recently, the postal service launched by China Post has attracted a lot of doubts, mainly focusing on two aspects: first, Xu Yong, chief consultant of China express logistics consulting, believes that postal enterprises running postal packet business with the characteristics of appointment delivery are suspected of being "offside"; Second, the first weight of postal parcels in the same city is at least 5 yuan, which is lower than the first weight price of ordinary express in some cities. Therefore, some people doubt that China post is fighting a price war

in response to the "offside" query, China Post said that the postal parcel service was a basic business in the postal product system of the Universal Postal Union, and it had started the parcel service since the founding of new China. The purpose of this business is to adapt to the development of social economy and better meet the multi-level urgent needs of the masses in the distribution of light and small items. Postal parcel service is not an express service, but an improvement of the basic service quality of postal service. It is characterized by stable time limit, scheduled delivery, reasonable price, access to the whole country, and coverage of urban and rural areas. Dawa, vice president of China Express Association, said publicly that the industry should encourage postal services to participate in e-commerce distribution

questioning the "price war", China Post responded that the postal packet is currently the most important in the same city, with a national minimum price of 5 yuan. This price is based on cost accounting. At the same time, it should not be opened frequently in the state of dust invasion. The profit margin of business income in 2014 was 5.8%, which is also a reasonable price generally recognized by consumers. Postal parcels do not belong to the express business. Moreover, the actual implementation price of most express companies is mostly lower than that of postal parcels. Therefore, it is impossible for postal services to provoke a price war in the express industry

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