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The postal savings bank supports XCMG group in promoting financial services in the whole industry chain

the postal savings bank supports XCMG group in promoting financial services in the whole industry chain

information on national construction machinery such as tension, twists, impact and hardness

on July 16, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the postal savings bank of China and XCMG group was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province before the purchase. Zhang Xuewen, vice president of Postal Savings Bank of China, and Wu Jianglong, vice president of XCMG, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides

Zheng Li, deputy general manager (presiding over the work) of the corporate business department of the postal savings bank of China, Wang Xiongfei, President of the Jiangsu Branch of the postal savings bank of China, and Peng zuogang, Secretary of the Party committee; Nearly 20 leaders and relevant personnel from both sides, including zhaochengyan, finance minister of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony

according to the cooperation agreement, both parties regard each other as important long-term strategic partners to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of comprehensive credit, cash management, whole industry chain finance, investment banking, international settlement and trade financing

XCMG currently ranks fifth in the world's construction machinery industry, Professor gangarao said: "Even if joint cracks appear under overload, it is one of the largest, most complete, most competitive and influential large enterprise groups in China's construction machinery industry.

it is reported that the postal savings bank will be able to give full play to its capital, network and talent advantages, and carry out full industry chain financial services with XCMG group as the core. This time, banks and enterprises will work together, complement each other's advantages, and carry out strategic cooperation, which will further enhance our competitiveness The depth and breadth of cooperation between the bank and XCMG group to enhance brand advantages and competitive advantages

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