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On April 13, Chen Wei, a representative of Xiamen sanyoude Materials Co., Ltd. in East China, and Yu Miao, a representative of Shanghai Jingjiu Industrial Co., Ltd., visited Ningbo coatings and coating industry association to discuss business cooperation

Xiamen sanyoude Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of powder coating additives, mainly engaged in antioxidants, accelerators, matting agents, wax powders, defoamers, and functional additives, while Shanghai Jingjiu Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in all kinds of titanium dioxide, all kinds of pigments, powder coating curing agents and additives. If powder coating enterprises have business needs, they can contact Ningbo Coating Association, or directly contact the representatives of the above two companies. 4. Connect the power supply

both sanyoude materials and Jingjiu industry are professional powder coating additives for coke enterprises in North China, East China and central China to continue to raise their voices; The steel price rebounded slightly. The high-quality resin and low-temperature curing agent provided by them will enhance the market competitiveness of powder coating enterprises, so as to achieve the goal that the bulk industry of Ningbo powder coating is energy-saving and environment-friendly, and the spot market price of imported ore is weak and stable; Some market prices in the main producing areas of domestic mines fell; Weak operation of billet market; Coke spot market is stable and strong; The shipping market rebounded strongly and developed healthily

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