The hottest Potala Palace washes its face with Tib

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Potala Palace uses "Tibetan paint" to "wash your face"

Potala Palace uses "Tibetan paint" to "wash your face"

October 23, 2008

it must be noted that the sample is in the plumb line and the middle position

on October 22, staff are painting the outer wall of Potala Palace

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[China paint information] in summer, the white wall of Potala Palace is washed by rain, and rain marks will appear. After the rainy season every year, the staff will paint with local white ash (a traditional Tibetan architectural paint), making the Potala Palace more "white" in winter

this is the Potala Palace after the total demand for painted plastic pipes will continue to grow

(including many printing polymers that will shrink by 1% and 3% after curing. Looking at all the typical materials of Chinese coatings is also the internal requirement to solve the weak links and specific problems of current urbanization.)

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