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People from Reza scientific research institute who are fighting for "Snow" on the first line of assistance to Tibet praise

praise the Reza people who are fighting for the bath of "Snow" on the first line of aid to Tibet

China Construction Machinery Information

at the end of 2018, on the eve of the new year's Eve, Chengdu Wanjing service station received a repair request from a customer of Xinduqiao crane in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, who said that the vehicle had a fault alarm. The service station immediately made inquiries and technical guidance, and then immediately asked the marketing department for assistance

the rescue of Tibet began

the repair site was in Tibet, 380 kilometers away from Chengdu. At that time, the Tibetan area was snowing, and the roads were slippery and rugged. It was extremely difficult to drive overnight in a wind and snow environment with a temperature of more than ten degrees below zero, but the Reza people did not hesitate

In order to ensure the one-time repair of the fault, Zheng Hao, the service manager of the marketing department, and Wang Yapeng, the service engineer, immediately led Shen Baoqiang, the intermediate worker of the service station, and the electrician of the service station to the repair site. The snowy road has been frozen at this time, so we must drive at a low speed for safety. After driving for a whole night, they arrived at the customer's repair site at more than 8 a.m. the next day. As soon as they arrived, they began to repair

Jinan experimental machine factory production is in short supply and racing against time

in order to repair the vehicle for the customer faster so as not to delay its normal construction, the breakfast of the repairman is also solved on the spot in the maintenance site with snowflakes floating during the maintenance process, and the maintenance personnel immediately devote themselves to the busy work after the meal

with the increase of experimental time, it was successfully solved

after more than two hours of careful troubleshooting and maintenance, the problems of the vehicle were finally solved. The customer was moved to thank him

try your best

no matter how cold or hot the conditions are, the worst conditions can't stop the pace of Reza service. They have only one purpose: strive to repair the vehicle in the shortest time! It is the service concept of Reza people, which is customer-centered, eager for the needs of customers and thinking about the needs of customers, that makes Reza's reputation passed down from generation to generation

in the new year, Reza heavy machinery has carried out the production of large carbon fiber composite components for after-sales service, which is still very time-consuming and expensive to upgrade. It has launched a housekeeper service that meets the characteristics of Reza, that is, from the time of purchase, Reza heavy machinery provides customers with all life service, full service The whole life cycle of total service is an interconnected smart service experience

Reza heavy machinery integrates and gives full play to the advantageous resources of Foton group, establishes a customer-centered, opens up the full life cycle service experience, provides 360 degree solutions for users, promotes the interconnection of "industry 4.0" and "Car + IOT", realizes the efficient interconnection of people, cars and life integrated online and offline, and provides users with a scientific, interconnected, professional, convenient and worry free full cycle super heavy machinery Butler intelligent service experience

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