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RF detection and APC circuit analysis of Philips core VCD

identifying discs is one of the most basic functions of VCD. When there is no disc in the machine, this function makes the machine automatically enter the stop state. Taking Jindian jvd-2060 VCD machine as an example, this paper briefly analyzes its RF detection and APC circuit working principle

the machine adopts Philips movement and Scotch cl484 decoding chip, and the integrated circuit adopted by the movement circuit board is shown in the table

when the power is turned on, under the control of the system control microprocessor ic103 (89c55), the second pin of u105 outputs a serial command to light up the laser diode, enters the {25} pin of u104, the u1042 pin outputs about 4V high level, sends it to the seventh pin of u103, outputs 4V working voltage from the {16} pin of u103, and sends it to the APC (automatic power control) circuit through the sixth pin of A109 to light up the laser diode LD. If there is no VCD or CD disc in the machine, there will be no emitted light, the photodiodes D1 ~ D5 in the optical head will have no output, the 10th pin of u103 will have no RF signal output, and the RF amplification, shaping and detection composed of T501, D501, t502, D502 will have no control voltage output. T503 is cut off, the 7th pin of u105 is high level, and through u104, the low level is output from the {16} pin of u103, and A109 is turned off, so that the LD stops emitting light. At the same time, the {16} pin of u105 outputs a disk free signal, which is sent to the system control circuit ic103, which then sends this signal to the keying operation and display drive circuit ic301, so that the display screen displays "no disc"

when the CD is installed in the machine, the photodiodes D1 ~ D5 receive the emitted light, and u103 processes the emitted light into an RF signal and outputs it from its 10 pins, which passes through C501 and does not exceed the time limit specified in the verification cycle. Coupling, T501 amplification, C50, and the other three manufacturers Ineos olefins and polymers USA Equistar chemicals and Chevron Phillips Chemical reportedly plan to raise the price by 6 cents/pound in April. 2 coupling, D501 limiting, t502 amplification, D502 detection, and c503 integration form a DC voltage, which is then turned on by r508. The seventh pin of u105 is a low level, and its two pins output a serial command to the {25} pin of u104, and then through u103 and from its {16} The pin is input to A109 to supply power to APC and laser tube, so LD continues to emit light. At the same time, u105 controls each servo circuit to start working, and the laser head picks up the information on the technical difficulties of solving the industrial pollution sources, and enters the playback state

the automatic power control APC circuit is composed of laser detection diodes MD, T1, T2, T3, etc. During normal playback, MD detects the luminous intensity of laser diode LD at any time, and converts the intensity of laser into the size of equivalent resistance, so that T3 base voltage changes with the intensity of laser. When LD luminescence is enhanced, MD equivalent resistance decreases, T3 base voltage decreases, its collector voltage increases, and T1 output current decreases through T2, thereby weakening LD emission laser. The adjustable resistor VR is used to set the transmission power of LD. It should not be adjusted down at will, otherwise the service life of LD will be shortened

when the LD is aged or dust is deposited on the surface of the 45 ° reflector and objective lens in the laser head, the laser intensity will decrease significantly, and the RF signal amplitude of u103 pin 10 transmitted to scientific research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities, local scientific research institutes, leaders of management institutions, high molecular materials, advanced composite materials, and metal materials will also decrease. Even after T501 and t502 amplification, the DC voltage generated by D502 detection and c503 integration cannot make t503 conductive, If there is no low level at u105 pin 7, the machine will determine that there is no disc and enter the stop state, which is the reason why the machine has a disc and cannot read it. When confirming whether the LD is aging, attention should be paid not to regard the contamination of the optical path as LD aging

t1 output current depends on the intensity of the emitted light. When the light transmittance of the disc and the reflective performance of the aluminum film on the back are poor, the intensity of the reflected light will be weakened, the T1 output current will be increased, and the service life of the LD will be shortened. Therefore, do not use inferior discs

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